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BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson. (357)
BS: scots - ye have to love them eh? (107)
What would make a good starter repertoir (8)
BS: It's truly over this time. Definitely. (21)
Bubblyrat ill again !! (25)
Lyr Req: The Robin's Last Will (11)
BS: Richard III (90)
Tech: blickie/bold/italic/colour generator 4 U (34)
Sheffield sessions fest 2015 (10)
Learning to play (27)
Seasick Steve and Tom Jones (6)
Marrow Bones in ancient India (1)
Obit: John Renbourn (8 Aug 44 - 26 Mar 15) (45)
Hartlepool Folk Festival (12)
Tune Add: Identifying a tune (10)
Lyr Req: The Railway Song? (5)
De Danann to headline Ballydehob trad fe (4)
Origins: Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons) (origins) (21)
Origins: This Is Seven Fox (origins) (2)
Wath Folk Club PermaThread (13)
BS: The Mother of all BS threads (52098)
ID Song: I Went down to the rich man's house (4)
BS: Syrian and Yemen air strikes (26)
Searching for Erik Haugland (1)
Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort (4360)
New Singers' Session - Birstall (Yorks.) (60)
Sony Minidisc player - oldie but goodie (17)
Talking blues 'fat to hate the lean' (4)
wilsons@ Sage Gateshead March 26th (23)
Around the sun! (4)
Sam Larner Festival. Know Anything? (3)
Sam Lee on BBC Radio (33)
BS: Mudcat crash Birdwatching 2015 (8)
Bessie Jones on early blues (2)
songs from English Civil War (16)
Martin Carthy to visit Ireland - June 2015 (14)
Declutter & fitness-Jan-Mar-Google Cache (167)
Lyr Req: Sweet Becky at the Loom (3)
County Clare Library Song link (9)
Chord Req: Sweet Becky at the loom (1)
counting jigs and reels: pineapple etc (24)
Tech: Behringer Xenyx mixers - YES or NO ??? (13)
Narrowboat songs (115)
BS: Keys (7)
Tech: IE is dead, long live IE (8)
Radio Ballads Anniversary Programme (57)
Lyr Req: About WW1 Zeppelin downed on Hull raid (6)
BS: Need a song or infomercial (47)
BS: New joke thread of 2015 (31)
Ozcatters @ 2015 National FolK Festival? (38)
Can someone translate this? (24)
March Press Room Shanty Sing, Portsmouth (37)
Folk Clubs London 1960s & 70s (566)
Women flatpickers (34)
BS: Margarines / Spreads and Transfats (41)
Songs of County Clare (26)
Lyr Req: A Maiden's Romance (E. O. Harbin) (9)
June Shanty Session @ Press Room (NH) (30)
Any Songs about the Pony Express? (35)
2015 Obit: Mike Miller of Philadelphia passes (11)
BS: Get the 'F' Out, Amos!!! (48)
Aug Shanty Session @ the Press Room (NH) (14)
Lincolnshire old time jams (14)
Lonesome EJ New Youtube Videos (282)
Lyr Req: On the Good Ship Yacki-Hicki-Doo-La (30)
Intl Day of Remembrance: Consider the Legacy (1)
BS: Joe Hill Redux (16)
Lyr Req: The Iron Man (Tom Paxton) (13)
Origins: What ever happened to the Settlers ? (origins) (19)
No Welly This Thursday 26th (2)
manchester sports guild folk club (153)
Origins: I Paula Taska Nonsense Song (Roud 12944) (origins) (30)
Feb. Shanty Session @ Press Room-NH (26)
BS: Celts: DNA study (38)
Easter 2015 Folking About in Anglesey (4)
Easter Rising (35)
Origins: James Connolly as sang by Mary Black (origins) (21)
Northeast songs workshop Graham/Temples (5)
Art Thieme - Mar 2015 Update (27)
BS: Nurse (2)
Tech: can I print from Flickr? (9)
Halley Came to Jackson (4)
Reg Meuross SE London Frid 27 March (10)
Lyr Req: Welsh and Manx songs (21)
Dec. Shanty Session @ Press Room (NH) (18)
Tech: Pete Back Guitars (26)
Any sentimental Brit songs about places? (103)
Lyr Req: 'The pigeons in the market square' (12)
Mississippi John Hurt Foundation (3)
Tales from the Towpath (8)
Lincoln Central Library (UK) Write Note (13)
2015 Moira Furnace Folk Festival (7)
BS: found in my daughters back yard (54)
Lyr Req: Ale of Old England (Scowercroft, Gifford) (13)
Panama Canal songs, words and tunes (4)
BS: Utah: The Firing Squad returns (98) (closed)
Keir Hardie and Ballads (7)
Verandah Music - Australian tradition (6)
lyr req: ah why so soon (German Song) (7)
BS: Netanyahu Tactics Anger Many U.S. Jews (89) (closed)
Lyr Req: mother-in-law (14)
Tech: what is (8)
Lyr(rude) req: She's a ragbag shabag (7)
Spring weekend at Frittenden coming up! (1)
Origins: J.Dovaston. The Daughter of Megan' (origins) (7)
BS: Spelling (80)
Lyr Req: Tha'm Buntata Mor (7)
Lyr Req: Captain Swing (18)
joe stead seeks election (13)
Sack Esther McVey (28)
Lyr Req: The Blackpool Belle (21)
Lyr Req: Hello Who's There (July) (8)
Lyr Req: Poor Blind Nell (bawdy) (35)
Lyr Req: 'Held in the eyes of an Indian, carved i (1)
Best folk songs from Dorset? (24)
wanted medium lenny pogan slide ring (1)
BS: strangest shop combination sales??? (30)
Lyr Req: Little Boy Moon (13)
Lyr Req: Loss of the Laforey (J Conolly/B Meek) (12)
London Imam becomes a sean nós singer (24)
BS: Happy Birthday Ranger 1 (37)
Info req: Jim & Bev James. (8)
Free Maritime Songs Concert, Hull (8)
Lyr Req: Old Parkin Raine the Fiddler (R Watson) (5)
Sidmouth Fifty years ?? (5)
BS: Ake retires. (51)
UK magazine 1970: Folk Unlimited (7)
BS: Popular Views: the Obama Administration (3248)
Folklore: Untrue sayings (48)
Lyr Add: Oh, Jemima, Look at Your Uncle Jim... (66)
Tech: Bonehead XP question (12)
Obit: The passing of Monte Dunn - April 25, 2007 (57)
Danny Pedler/Rosie Butler-Hall:White Horse 28 Mar (3)
Obit:Sam Charters, scholar of the blues 1929-2015 (10)
BS: Politics and Depression (114)
16-bar blues progression (3)
Chord Req: Make Every Word Hurt (Lori McKenna) (7)
Peggy Seeger on BBC Radio 4 (1)
Any Folk Music in Bermuda? (3)
BS: Did Anybody Used to Drink Aqua Libra? (45)
Sussex Folk Guide - Total Redesign (7)
New Regular Folk Music Venture in Lewes (7)
Dan McKinnon Sheffield Sat 21st March (6)
Upcoming Events - UK (PermaThread) (24)
Lyr Req: Four Flanneries / Flannerys (Niall Toibin (6)
Owston Ferry Folk Permathread (31)
Lyr Req: Railroadin' Some (Henry Thomas) (9)
Taylor 8 string Baritone (6)
Epworth Folk Club PermaThread (321)
How Green Was My Valley (songs) (22)
BS: Who is training ISIS the US Army (224)
Song sessions near Crediton, Devon (5)
salmon cd (2)
Tune Req: What is played with Jenny Lind? (24)
BS: St Patrick's Day 2015 (21)
Little hillside (clarence ashley) (2)
Lyr Req: Rose Bay Ferry (Bernard Bolan) (12)
Talking blues, a forgotten music genre? (21)
Review: Jimmy Scribner - who is he? (9)
Pennine Folk '70's? (31)
Musical double feature with Roan Inish (3)
Tune Req: Planxty Fanny Power and Irwin (16)
Lyr Req: Hark to the horns of the hunters (4)
2015 Obit: Pearl O'Neill (Mrs Admiral) (28)
Lyr Req: Sur la Borde de l'Eau (Gaspard) (15)
BS: Growing an Above-Ground Garden (54)
Lyr Req: Don't Cry, Lady, I'll Buy Your...Violets (12)
Lost in translation ! (34)
Where should I go in Nashville? (4)
'Lincoln' Folk festival July 1971 (107)
Tune: The Preservation of Man/Liquor & Longevity (13)
BS: The best kid toy (10)
BS: Most mysoginist language (55)
BS: nalternate St. Patricks day (16)
Chord Req: C'mon and break my heart again (14)
Lyr Req: Blue Fedora (Bud Green, Albert Van Dam) (16)
Help: johnny cockaroo (31)
Stan Ellison - where is he now? (18)
Halsway Manor Trad Song Weekend (6)
Lyr Req: It's Hard to Keep a White Shirt Clean (2)
The Full English tour (13)
Lyr Add: The Leaving of Limerick (10)
The Long March of Everyman (41)
Lyr Req: Stop All the Buses (Cecil Augusta) (3)
I Wanna Be in the Cavalry + The Idiot (5)
BS: YouTube Gems (345)
what every folk club needs (34)
2nd Poynton Ceilidh's Callers' Workshop (6)
Kiveton Park FC 45 years young (12)
Tell Me About Martin Windsor (34)
Origin: The Verdant Braes of Skreen (origins) (82)
BS: Near disaster on Pi day (8)
Ozark Folklore Collection Online (5)
Lyr Req: Daddy's Sweetheart(Hardin-Burnley/Lehmann (12)
Info: Pat [& Victoria] Garvey (42)
Bob Dylan - AARP Magazine article (7)
BS: Perfect American Pi Day (23)
Origins: House of the Rising Sun (origins) (21)
Set Dancing Skibbereen? (5)
A game of goats (8)
Tune Req: calling all music theorists (12)
Help Needed Identify A Song About Soup (17)
Origins: Armagh Brigade - Origins? (origins) (6)
Freddy King track (8)
Folklore: Any news of Whitby Moor and Coast 2015? (3)
Lyr Req: Pipe Dreams (from Asleep at the Wheel) (11)
Open C tuning - slack strings? (31)
Tune Req: The Maiden's Prayer (13)
BS: Cosmology understanding in 50 minutes (3)
BS: Nimbies change law to evict boaties (32)
Old Name: Ying Tong John (John Strachan) (24)
Sessions N/E UK ? (8)
who gets Publius Enigma? (45)
Bob Dylan - Pop Standards plus Noir video (2)
Union Grove Fiddlers Convention 1969-1973 (13)
Lyr Req: Dickie Dight, shine a light (9)
Who has the best voice in folk? (237)
Cornell - North Quarry Street Irregulars (10)
Lyr Req: The Merry Widow Waltz (Franz Lehar) (10)
Michigan Songster, Duane Starcher, info? (2)
Tech: amplifying acoustic ceilidh bands (16)
BS: Inclusive Mosque (17)
Lyr Req: Goodbye Old Ship of Mine (28)
Morrigan singing London Sunday 15th Mar (2)
Longest ballad in recent tradition (26)
Anachronisms in lyrics (22)
Lyr Req: The Merry Widow Waltz (18)
Men at Words tour-Fisher/Lowe/Keelaghan (9)
Songs from 1931 film '24 Hours' (4)
lyr/info req: Sissy/Missy in the barn... (Bon Ton) (21)
Origins: Foggy Dew (origins) (14)
Obit: Sir Terry Pratchett-fantasy author 1948-2015 (33)
BS: Are you a hoarder? House a mess? (72)
BS: SPRING, Missing the old Song Challenges (10)
BS: Cheltenham Gold Cup (15)
Whose Biography would you like to read? (38)
Good Intent 10th March Phil Birkin (6)
Olympic songs (10)
Armenian archaeology & music (1)
BS: household charge ireland news (41)
Deal Folk by the Sea 2015 when? (4)
Chords Req: Jimmy Clay (9)
Instrument design research -violins (5)
Debra Cowen at the good intent. Change o (1)
North Country Primitive (2)
Spring, Missing the old Song Challenges (1)
Lyr Req: River O Geaney (irish, lively Song) (5)
Obit: Mary Hamilton, wife of Frank (Stringsinger) (27)
BS: Tomato soup (85)
Folklore: The Big Wood Tales - BFBS (4)
Origins: The Bonny Bairns (origins) (2)
Folk Clubs, Greater Manchester 1960-99 (198)
Help identify a piano piece (9)
Martin Carthy and Abi Moore Doncaster (1)
Scott Minstrelsy blog (1)
Tune Req: Andy Cutting Potato Theatre (4)
Inishowen Festival (Traditional Singing)? (6)
Lyr Req: Clooney High Reel (2)
Why is the Terry Pratchett thread BS (2) (closed)
Oz band: Cat Empire international tour (3)
Obit: Frank Staplin (Q) 1923-2014 (5)
Frank Staplin-seeking obit thread (5) (closed)
Best UK Chorus Songs? (40)
Lyr Req: The Toorie on His Bonnet (7)
BS: Wentworth jigsaws (14)
Welsh harp project (3)
Lyr Add: Love You (from The Free Design) (2)
Obit: Mary Sorcha Wise - February 2015 (6)
Elvis Costello & teleprompter (12)
Graham Shaw's 'Seventeen Hours A Day' (8)
Knockholt 2015 (10)
Obit: guitarist-songwriter Jim Taylor (Sep 2006) (17)
Judy and Dennis Cook on radio this after (6)
Irish Band Blasket Sound (19)
Lyr Req: The Sky in the Pool (Williams, Dunhill) (8)
John Kelly (Harmonium Hero) - all OK? (43)
Lyr Req: One Two Three O'Lairy (Count Basie, 1940) (69)
Lyr Req: Latvian Lullaby (Aija Zuzu) (10)
Tech: XP Updates continuing (4)
Slave Songs - What Are They Called??? (19)
Lyr Req: Remember Song (Steven Walters) (9)
Music in Remembrance of Black Lives Lost (9)
Lyr Req: You Make It Easy (Mark Fry) (2)
Lyr Req: Michael Roy / Charcoal Man (4)
Lyr Req: The Leitrim Queen (17)
BS: Ukraine (226) (closed)
Obit: Rick Altman of Folklore Center (2009) (20)
Origins: Tinkerman's daughter (origins) (14)
Cooper & Bolton SE London Friday 13 Mar (4)
I need some dishonest advice..... (38)
Pte Hovenden's True Story. (15)
Folk@the Barlow - Jim Causley, 20 March. (1)
Festival- Folk@The Barlow 15 & 16 May (1)
BS: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (13)
Whatever happened to... Watt Nicol? (11)
Selling a Fylde Bouzouki (16)
BS: Johnny West (26)
Movie song info:The Snapper (12)
Origins: Jesus Was a Teenager, Too (origins) (5)
BS: World's Oldest Beer Discovered (14)
Lyr Req: The Shipyards and Gdansk (Sean Keane) (6)
Tech: Trouble with 'Gadgets' in Windows 7 (3)
Lovely Love Message :-) (10)
Lyr Req: Piss Pot Pete (60)
BS: seeing rainbows, cataracts? (59)
Sandra Kerr EFDSS gold medal (7)
Good list of must-hear country songs (3)
Archie Fisher at Haddenham tonight (7)
Lyr Req: Sea Fowl (Ruth Crawford Seeger) (24)
Is this genuine folk dancing? (57)
Origin: I saw tonight a lovely dancer (origins) (13)
Tech: Searching in Windows 8 (5)
BS: Propogators (15)
Lyr Req: Silver Dagger variant (7)
BS: Modern toddlers (8)
2nd Tuesday Folk Club Cardiff (Wales) (33)
bray singers' circle (2)
Req: Unknown Song-fishing's the life that we know (10)
Anybody familiar with John Winn, share? (2)
BS: Maddening phone call surveys (85)
Swedish Socialist Choirs (3)
Raglan Road, Sydney band. (23)
Lyr Req: Ay Ay Torelli? / Ai Ai Paisano (Loesser) (16)
Was 80's music really that bad ? (60)
Lyr Req: I Loved the Ground She Walked Upon (12)
Origins: Irish Folk Tune? (origins) (24)
Obit: Tig's Dad, Firecat's Grandad (6)
I need some honest advice (91)
Morrigan Cellar Upstairs 7th March (8)
440hz? 432hz? (39)
Tech: Guitar Straps - expensive luxury leather (18)
Lyr Req: Po Kare Kare Ana /Pokarekare Ana (Maori) (18)
BS: Vegan mudcatters (163)
Lyr Req: I.R.E.L.A.N.D. / What Ireland Means to Me (7)
PeoplesFolkFestival (5)
BS: Spock the Canadian five dollar bill (11)
Morpeth Gathering. Worth Going To? (8)
Folklore: or myth? Donkey & cows 2 prevent TB?? (7)
Folklore: Ink Pink (word game) (2)
2015 Obit: Mered Evans, much-loved folk-singer (7)
Folklore: Mama don't allow no hippophagy here (70)
Lyr Req: Rathdrum Fair (Mick Fitzgerald) (14)
Mansfield Guitars?????? (70)
LFW: Business Limelight award (3)
Lyr Req: Whose Pigs Are These (39)
Tech: Epson print drivers a load of crap (34)
Bob Zentz house concert March 6 SoPo ME (12)
Lyr/Chords: Uptown, Uptempo Woman (Randy Edelman) (23)
William Bolton - Identify song? (11)
Roadstars Busking in Leics. Square 1960s (19)
Who's songwriter John Pole? (38)
Folkways and airwaves: documents (1)
Lyr Req: 'Little Dutch Girl' & 'Jump in the Well' (5)
Origins: Path Across the Ocean/Why Left I My Hame (origins) (25)
BS: Netanyahu (133) (closed)
Lyr Req: Green Little Islands - geography song (26)
Folklore: Tight Like That - meaning? (24)
Singaround SE London Sunday 8 March (1)
BS: my mysterous dna (65)
Lyr Req: Only Five Bullets in My Old Six-Shooter (26)
BS: Gaelic to English translation (16)
TAB Farewell to Whisky (5)
Lyr Add: I See by the Papers (from Nat King Cole) (3)
Lyr Add: The Hunger (Elijah Lee Fry) (6)
Barluath at Lymm, Thursday 5th March (3)
Lyr Req: My Boy Willie (from The Irish Rovers) (15)
Rosie Hardman is 70 (18)
Ellen Behnke, folk singer, 1960's (4)
Obit: Walking Eagle-Julie Pennell-October 3, 2004 (53)
Fishing Communities in Northern Ireland (7)
Peggy Seeger award (5)
BS: Useless Inventions (86)
Folklore: Border Morris Origins? (28)
Cardiff Banjo, Mandolin & Guitar Band. (2)
Lyr Req: That's How I Spell I-R-E-L-A-N-D (8)
Lyr Req: I'm Not Ready for Cloning (Tom Paxton) (2)
Lyr Req: Willy the Spider (Scotty MacGregor) (55)
Tech: Antivirus choice (32)
Lyr Req: Little Poppy Dark Eyed Maiden (5)
Chislehurst Caves (21)
ADD: Millions on My Mind (Ian Davison) (4)
Spreading the Folk Music Map (17)
Eel Pie Island (12)
need info on this band: The Irish Brigade (US) (21)
Review: The Soundtrack Of A Photograph Blog (24)
Wizz Jones - new album (3)
Lyr Req: Here's to the Lads at the Fishing and... (26)
Attractive Asian women are after me... (37)
BBC Radio 4 programme on Jock Purdon (9)
Ann Benson: Who is she, Where did she go (20)
BS: Quiz March 2015 (15)
Jeff Warner at Kiveton Park Folk Club (7)
Lyr Req: Rosslyn (from North Sea Gas) (10)
Seeking Derek Brimstone recording (5)
Lyr Req: Trouble In Mind (Bertha Chippie Hill) (9)
West Cumbria - Friday/Sat sessions? (7)
Origins: The 'gifts' bestowed; Barbara Allen (origins) (5)
BS: Quiz answers - Various (2)
Lyr Add/Tune Req: Far Away (J J Britton) (1)
alf edwards concertina accompaniments (91)
Roy 'Cobblers' Harrison and Guttapercha (4)
wilsons@ Sage Gateshead March 26th (6)
Dan MacKinnon in UK now (6)
The Gilded Cage (Philadelphia Coffee House) (6)
Lyr Add: Saturday Afternoon (1936) (1)
Info on clarissa guitars (53)
Lyr Req/Add: Mick McGilligan's Daughter, Mary Ann (17)
Lyr Req: Me I'm Just a Shepherdess (5)
Leitrim Singers Circle (32)
'Folk for the Clutha', Glasgow, 10 Jan (23)
Apollonio Cittern is neat! (48)
Obit: Glenn Ohrlin (1926-2015) (2)
Ludwig Banjos (30)
Saddleworth folk fest is back (4)
Origins: Duncan and Jimmy (origins) (1)
BS: Fred Gallicar - comic? (7)
Help with 'Prestigious Folk Singers' (11)
Obit: Leonard Nimoy, actor, 1931-2015 (21)
Happy Saint David's Day (6)
Origins: The Pit Boy (origins) (14)
The Idlers (4)
San Francisco ...'The Drinking Gourd' ? (26)
BS: Marmalade (26)
BS: Old Pocket Watches (1424)
BS: Jihadi John identified (166) (closed)
2015 Obit: Olga Nicholls-Giffard club wolverhamptn (5)
Alcester winter warmer (10)
BS: Angela merkel (33)
Origins: Popsicles, Icicles (origins) (1)
Lyr Req: Lunatic's Lullaby 'Oh, I was born one...' (119)
fisher poets astoria or radio tonight (1)
Lyr Add: Down Down Baby-Race in Children's Rhymes (31)
BS: OBIT: Theodore Hesburgh, CSC (6)
tuning a tenor banjo (25)
BS: help - I am starting to panic (44)
Help: Children's Folk CD - what's the name? (7)
Sing With Freedom Video (3)
John Lomax on 'The Blues' 1912 (1)
Tech: Video editing software. What do you use? (12)
Gypsy singer on 'Call the Midwife' (43)
Folk singer from the 1960's - June Bugg (20)
BS: another part of rural ireland dies (17)
Lyr Add: Song of the Strike (Australia, 1875) (1)
Richard Fontenot - Cajun guitarist (9)
Lyr Req: Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue (18)
Mike & Ian - Playing in the street (2)
Feb. Press Room Shanty Session 2/21/2015 (16)
The Singing River - Author? (2)
BS: New head anyone? (43)
Happy Birthday Fats (5)
Lyr Req: If It Wasn't for Dicky (Lead Belly) (3)
McGillivray & Burke + SE London 27 FEB (1)
Folk Singer Name Change (72)
BS: Hedgehogs (41)
Lyr Add: Horses and Plough (Micheál Ó h Ógáin) (18)
ADD: The Rhythm of Life (from Sweet Charity) (113)
What's the weather like where you are? (1192)
Lyr Req: Valerie Wilkins: 'She is 6 and a quarter. (22)
Why Can't I Sing With Wind Instruments? (26)
Winter sessions at Stamford Bridge (York (7)
Lyr Req: Calon lan (10)
Philip Pickett (ex-Albion Band) jailed. (34)
mystic 2015 (11)
BS: What a jadrool (17)
Lyr Req: Bessie Quinn (3)
Obit: Sadly, Lorraine Blue has passed away(2000) (25)
BS: Any other fans of chihuly (13)
Musicians Who Influenced You (76)
BS: my neighbour has died (11)
Barry & Ingrid Temple:The Welly Feb 26th (4)
Lyr Req: I left a box of chocolates behind the.... (10)
Chord Req: I'm Dying, Mother / The Dying Boy (3)
BS: about me? (43)
The Incredible Fling Band- ever heard of? (20)
6th Anniversary of Tunes at the Beech (2)
Good Songs You're Sick Of (115)
BS: Dying Trades (8)
Lyr Req: Let Me Go to the Mountains (The Fureys) (16)
2015 Obit: Di Moussa (Williams) - Manchester (2)
BS: A new start? (100) (closed)
Do You Remember the first LP You Bought? (121)
Songs of the South (on BBC) (21)
Origins: Australian Working Song and Poems (origins) (8)
Obit: Hilda Fish 21 Feb 2013 (51)
Folk Trail - Le Jog 2011 (42)
BS: acceptable solution to personal drones. (57)
New Deadline Sea Music Symposium CFP (2)
Tech: Gremlin attack on repertoire! (3)
pianolin (17)
Dragon Folk Club, Bristol, moves (3)
Help: The Second Fret...memories wanted (18)
Lyr Req: Cook's Friend Emily (21)
Folklore: 'Going a bit Bodmin' (39)
Tune Req: 'A Persian Kitty' Do you sing this song? (28)
origin? RVW Danby hymn 'Tis Winter Now (14)
Geoff Muldaur - what's wrong with America" (3)
Lyr Req: Bama lama kuma la (16)
Crowdfunding 'free' concert ticket: how? (3)
BS: Blunting the Hopes of the Working Class (4)
BBC Woman's Hour ...who to contact? (22)
What's a Braid Letter (17)
shanachie folk (11)
Lyr Add: Are You From Bevan? (Phil Thomas) (8)
Mudcat Upgrade Fundraiser Part II (101)
Alan Lomax: Racist stereotypes&all/NPR (5)
Shiznitz / Dicky Deegan / Katie Spencer (1)
Lyr Add: The Naughty rabbit. Anyone know this? (12)
Obit: Ward Swingle, 1927-2015 (2)
Lyr Req: Goodnight Mr. Moon (59)
Chris Wenham's songbook found (3)
Taken Delivery Of Chisholm No 52! (2)
Origins: 'If He Change My Name'? (origins) (35)
Origins: Songs of Wapping, London (origins) (6)
Lyr Req: Tankard's Mill (there is no rest for me) (6)
Do You Buy Folk LPs/CD's on Ebay? (4)
hymn writer Ernest Sands - biography? (40)
Lyr Req: help navigating the site (4)
Lyr Req: Oh maryann so pure and grand I like you (6)
1934 Film of Ireland (6)
ADD: Arscott of Tetcott (9)
Tech: Firefox addon to remember guest username (4)
Review: Tilla Török, Hungarian singer/kobozist (1)
Obit: Tony Dean (Elsie's Band) 2 Jan 2015 (4)
Sergeant Mackenzie from 'We Were Soldiers'? (11)
Lyr Req: don't ever love a sailor/you'll find out (17)
Origins/ADD: The Dolphin (origins) (38)
Moshpit Memories, 1975-1981. (1)
Who Performs on Concert Window? (1)
Tom Petty Sues Sam Smith (1)
Guitar: Thumb Picks (1)
Tech: DVD Recorders: Are They Obsolete? (1)
Tech: Draytek Router (1)
Obit: Rod McKuen - Poet, Songwriter (1933-2015) (1)
Is the Les Paul 57 guitar all that? (2)
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happy? – Jan 8 (drink blood like wine) (4)
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etta? (12)
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50th Towersey Festival (17)
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Song Collectors Conference - London, 26 April (10)
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Room 101 (146)
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where is Roxanna Alsburg? (3)
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From Both Sides - York (UK) 21st October (3)
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Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival 2015 UK (4)
Banbury Folk Fest 10-12 Oct 2014 (UK) (17)
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black snake moan - your thoughts on this (3)
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Bubblyrat ; ANOTHER cruise ! (7)
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Guitar Chords the 'Friends' way (8)
True Guitar Heroes (6)
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The London Beer Flood - 200 years! (15)
Ruskin House Croydon Sunday 19th Oct (5)
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Foreigners & Gypsies in Hull (18)
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Stone Soup, Rhode Island, 2014-2015 (2)
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Bury St Eds Oxjam Folk Weekend 2014 (3)
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Duos at folk clubs (43)
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BluegrassGospelProject, RI, Oct. 18,2014 (8)
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Service Charges / Fees On Tickets (17)
Review: Kendall is in a movie (12)
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BBC Genome Project - Search the RT (7)
Generic American singing voice (6)
Limits for Publishing Lyrics Excerpts (6)
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Kimbers Men CHANNEL 4 (1)
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Byron of Blackheath Morrismen (9)
Kenny Reid luthier Chicago (6)
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Sept. Press Room Shanty Sing (18)
Mudcat has another birthday (25)
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Orpington Friday Folk (UK) (4)
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You Are Wolf SE London Oct 10 n (9)
blues lexicon (18)
County Songs (22)
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MacDonald Folk Group/Folk Heritage (4)
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Patrick Sky Bootleg Concert on iTunes (1)
Wilson Family @ Grand Union 27th Oct (3)
Tom Paxton and Tom Paxton in concert (4)
Podcasts 2014 (3)
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Songs about chickens (122)
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Songs about lifeboat disaster, 1886? (38)
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Sidmouth, young and old: a concern (61)
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Amplify a banjo?? (23)
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No Worries at the Good Intent 14th Oct (5)
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words to "have you heard of the one humpty dump.." (7)
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Paul Geremia Recuperating (13)
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My most ardent fan (27)
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Session at Aberford (6)
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Hemlock for guitar tops (9)
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Richard and Mimi Farina Web Site (4)
cce and shell advert (21)
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open acoustic jams in davie fla. ? (6)
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Becket Whitehead, Delph, Saddleworth, UK (90)
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Some talk of... (9)
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'A Load Of Who Shot John>? Meaning and o (9)
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Taking music camping nowadays (16)
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Clubs/sessions east Cheshire? (6)
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July Press Room (NH) Shanty Sing (16)
Fantastic Rothbury (1)
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someone stuffed a crumpet up my trumpet (15)
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Mike Eaves Elizabeth St Folk Club Sydney (4)
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Obit: In Memory of Argyle Bell 1951-2001 (13)
Durham Folk Party, 28th 29th & 30th July (44)
Sidmouth Festival perusing programme ?? (9)
Pete Seeger Session - Camden (2)
Ukulele Lessons (26)
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Lowden/Flambeau Guitars (58)
Advice for a sound system newbie (12)
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busking: Legal or Not in My area? (25)
Singing sessions in Howth/Dublin? (5)
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Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2014 (69)
Remember Amy Fonoroff? (14)
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Elsa Lanchester - Sings Bawdy Cockney Songs (22)
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Perils of The Morris #94 (1)
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Folkweave radio show from the bbc (49)
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2 Cambridge tickets plus camping (15)
'Poblacht na hÉireann': A Buenos Aires & (2)
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Tune Add: A Song for the Time We Live in. (3)
Rodney Brannigan - missed,,drat! (1)
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trade secrets flog it bbc 2 (4)
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Deal Folk by the Sea 2014 (6)
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770 Ballad Sheets from PW Joyce (8)
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Art Thieme - New Website! (20)
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mid-70's LA coffeehouse, Highland Ave (3)
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Franconia classial guitar (17)
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Electro-acoustic guitar sound (9)
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Deb Cowan in Branford CT 3/7/2014 (8)
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New Venue In Ipswich (4)
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Moonbeams March Folk Weekend - 7&8/3/14 (39)
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Ukulele festival, Herts, UK 1 Mar 2014 (2)
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History of Philo Records? (23)
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Fisher Poets Feb 21-3, Astoria, Oregon, USA (4)
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Mudgather at Alcester Winter Warmer Sat (5)
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Chester Folk Day (8)
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Linda Thompson - great interview (5)
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Perthshire Amber - singarouns? (2)
Visiting New Orleans. Any suggestions? (22)
Folk in Cheltenham (6)
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Terry Gould - Several Kinds of Loving? (3)
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Harp guitar mastery. (6)
Ken Stubb's - Willetts on Forest Tracks (6)
Sea Chanteys/Shanties page-Gibb Sahib (176)
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BS: Hillary 2016 (48)
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Lyr Req: Beware Chalk Pit (Graham Penny) (12)
Lyr Add: 'There was a little girl who had a ...' (21)
BS: Malala-Shot/Writes Book (3)
BS: Captain Phillips - factual error? (9)
WOMEX in Cardiff, October 2013 (7)
Lyr Add: Thy Kingdom Come (prayer song) (1)
BS: National parks re-opened. Come visit! (11)
BS: My mother-father were wonderful because: (22)
BS: Happy Birthday, Universe!!! (32)
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BS: Cancelled My Facebook Account (44)
BS: Femen - radical feminist activism? (14)
BS: classic dumb/funny quotes: action movies (41)
Harp thing in Pre-Raphaelite picture (11)
Audlem Bagpipe and Hurdy-Gurdy Day 2013 (6)
piano, paddle wheel and Peoria (2)
Origins: Louise Holmes, Dinedor ,Hereford (origins) (7)
Lyr Req: Another 'Swaledale' song (20)
Lyr/Chords Req: Bye Bye Bluebelle (7)
BS: Shingles shot (33)
Len Graham in Lewes 31/10/2013 (1)
Lyr Add: I'll Be Around (Alec Wilder) (1)
Stuart Forester SE LondonFriday Sept 13 (9)
Lau in Lancaster 24th November (1)
Origins: Three grains of corn (origins) (7)
Tune Req: Rosbif Waltz (66)
Liverpool Everyman Folk Club New Season (6)
BS: The Last Below the Line Thread??? (44)
Lyr Add/Origin: Can't Lose Me, Charlie (7)
John Smith @ Bright Phoebus concert (1)
BS: GMOs (Monsanto) (51)
Lyr Req: Korean war song (22)
Oxford University Heritage Society - req (26)
Waltham Abbey FC (2)
Poynton Ceilidhs (Cheshire, UK) 2013-14 (2)
Swindon Folksingers' Club (59)
Obit: John McCreadie 18/10/2013 (3)
Chord Req: I'll be the One (Boz Scaggs) (6)
Obit: Paul Diblasi-DC sea-song musician (20)
Lyr Req: Whoa Mule (42)
Origins: Are You Ready for a War?/We are the Irish (origins) (18)
Folklore-Origin: I'll go to the foot of our stairs (25)
Lyr Req: All Been Done Before (Watt Nicoll) (7)
Chord Req: Moving On (Go Move Shift) (12)
Lyr Add: Heart Temporary (Jorma Kaukonen) (3)
BS: why is the poverty in haiti not reported (40)
Lyr Req: Jingo Song / Macdermott's War Song (14)
Lyr Add: In the Valley of Kentucky (Tony Stanford) (2)
Who named the farmer's dog BINGO? (19)
Rounder Records has been sold to Concord (47)
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north carolina banjo style (40)
Folk Festivals PermaThread (37)
Lyr Req: Sir Patrick Spens (from Peter Bellamy) (7)
BS: Lizard Farm... (32)
Unneeded tkt for 'Full English' in Derby (3)
2013/14 fire season, Australia (39)
Lyr Req: Minglewood Blues (Cannon's Jug Stompers) (20)
sound wave & water stream demo (1)
Lyr Req: Countermelody Songs (3)
Richard Inns (dec) (4)
Chord Req: So Relax (Redbone/Handler) (6)
Lyr Add: So Relax Rewrite (1)
Lyr Req: Twenty-One Years (18)
Debby McClatchy - Royal Oak Lewes 24/10 (7)
Titanic violin sold (9)
Obit: RIP Noel Harrison 2013 (7)
This Sunday at Frittenden (1)
Robert Uzzels book about Blind Lemon J. (11)
The Fleece, Addingham (20)
Fiveways folk club, Bournemouth UK (4)
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October Press Room (NH) Shanty Sing (28)
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BLJ's Electric Chair/ Big Al Whittle (3)
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film: Sunshine on Leith - a recommendation (25)
Voiceless Project (5)
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Lyr Req: They Were Singing Home Sweet Home (Dacre) (8)
Accents in American popular music (15)
add/origins: A Man Of Words And Not Of Deeds (31)
Singing at The Gate, Marshside 9 Nov (1)
Folklore: Aberfan, Blantyre & tragedies (5)
Lyr Add: Meet Me Tonight with a Smile (G L Davis) (1)
Lemko folk music (2)
Obit: Bea Donovan cooking host King 5 Seattle-1999 (11)
Anyone remember Enfield Folk Club? (27)
BS: reno in november (4)
Lyr Add: You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly (14)
Tune Req: Down Among the Fields Haymaking (11)
Banbury Folk Festival 11-13th Oct 2013 (25)
Lyr Req: The Buchan Plooman (G S Morris) (3)
Cheer'ly Man - history (6)
Andy Irvine October 2013 (5)
Emily Inspires Us Yet - Sandra Kerr (5)
Lyr Req: Feet of a Dancer (Charlie McGettigan) (17)
Wild Bill Jones? Long necked bottle? (9)
Transatlantic Sessions - Series 6 (44)
Good hobby; poor occupation (31)
BS: Child mutilation and religion (38)
Lyr Req: A New Dawn (4)
BS: US Government shutdown (176)
Who rewrote Rita MacNeil's Working man? (10)
Helen Hartness Flanders (83)
Transatlantic sessions 18 October 2013 (2)
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John Birmingham Cup 2013 (7)
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Jez Lowe in Southport 13th Sept (5)
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Bob Kirkpatrick house party Feb 2014 (5)
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Sad Guitar Story (with a happy ending).. (35)
Fylde 2013 (17)
Shirley Collins & Comus in London, 21 Sept 2013 (3)
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Any info about Porterhouse, 1970s Wales (24)
Your Shaker Collection (54)
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Spring Declutter & Exercise MAY 2013 (157)
Cardenche!!! (6)
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Willie Nelson fans here ? (50)
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Tom McConville @ The Welly, Thu 30 May 2013 (10)
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Seattle NW Folklife USA (8)
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Conolly Whaley Fletcher Sat May 25 2013 (15)
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Anyone seen John Penhelog (2)
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Prophylactic cancer surgery - Angelina Jolie (28)
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Contact info needed Springer, Pinard (2)
White Hart at Mickleby (8)
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fastnet fest song writing competition (2)
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Anyone Remember The Melody Flute? (56)
May Press Room (NH) Shanty Sing (13)
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Songs about Home Brewed Beer (27)
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David Brent Youtube guitar lessons (8)
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First 'Woke Up This Morning' on disc? (1)
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Lyr Req: Another Lonely Song (Tammy Wynette) (10)
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Stetson Stan (1)
5yr old shoots 2yr old (126)
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Bobert Begging Help Again, CD Related... (42)
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TOM PALEY at Edinburgh Folk Club (9)
Ashley, Cheshire: dance & session,20May (1)
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Belshazzar's Feast 2 workshops & show (10)
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Mimsies, clapsies? Origin? (12)
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requests for sing along songs (12)
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Insects and Music (46)
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all the people gathered round cause this (4)
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World's Room 17th May 2013-Important Event Update (10)
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Effective non-chemical mosquito control (40)
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MacColl & Critics Group - Bob Blair (2)
Any Jack Scott Fans??? (18)
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MGAS gotta gig at Herga UK 13th May 2013 (18)
Rosie & Róisín in Lewes on 16 May (5)
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Songs, ballads, folklore of Nordic women (8)
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if you could use a chuckle (3)
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Filey FF May 3rd 4th 5th 2013 (10)
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John Flynn, Co. Sligo accordion player (13)
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Northern Streams, Edinburgh 26-27 April (2)
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I'm Stoked (2)
Improving my voice (23)
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this looks like fun (4)
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Chester UK Folk Day Feb 2013 (7)
Mike Hebbert at Frittenden, Sunday 24th (3)
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Sister Rosetta Tharpe Doc BBC 4 (28)
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Telile TV (1)
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Kate Rusby songbooks? (9)
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dungarvan town by annie sheehy or martina ryle (1)
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It's not folk, it's vernacular (37)
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Need a Gaelic translation please (16)
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Ltd. Ed. Bobert Art-Muscial, $$$ to Max (25)
Bruce Molsky British Tour 2 May -1 June (2)
Dorner Manhunt in California (45)
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Mark T, - unwell (1)
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do you see guerilla art where U live? (17)
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Irish feeding the English horsemeat. (47)
Grantson guitars (9)
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Grey Larsen /Cindy K Portland ME 2/11 (15)
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Beginners Tune Sessions (50)
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Musicians dancers Midsomer murders 1999 (6)
Best guitars for fingerstyle? (84)
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Mumfords win Grammy (3)
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USA - National Barn Dance (1940s) (9)
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hastings jack in the green 2013 (3)
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What is this song??? [Abilene] (23)
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Don't know whether i've got this (lost page links) (6)
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The Devon folk scene (7)
Just a kid in a guitar shop.....but.... (2)
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One way of getting them in (13)
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(seeking songs from)Westmorland/Wiltshire/Rutland (16)
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Dream Captain (1)
Down South Banjo Ukulele (14)
Frome Folk Festival in Feb cancelled (20)
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2 New Scorpion Band workshops Lewes Feb (11)
Cheshire area circa 1970 (10)
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards on iPlayer (3)
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Trans Sessions on Tour (15)
NewBedfordFolkFestival,MA,July 6-7,'13 (1)
Rani arbo & daisy mayhem, RI, Feb/9/2013 (5)
Any Doctor Hook Fans??? (19)
Public Liability Insurance (6)
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'Yonder Come Day' - free music files (18)
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Pop Lyrics 1886 (20)
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7-string banjo (44)
Lord Bateman inspired Radio 4 (12)
Folk Clubs in the Lakes (21)
David Lazar (2)
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Lyr Req: Love Will Roll the Clouds Away (11)
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Singers' Gathering 9t Feb 13 Linlithgow (9)
seek recording: Dear Dark Eyes by Makem and Clancy (3)
Chromatic Harmonica any info?-Bandmaster Deluxe (23)
King Richard and bosworth field (87)
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The Raven replace No Frills Band 8 Feb (1)
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For Sale 2X Pioneer CDJ-850 + DJM-850 Mi (1)
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shanty sing Sunday, 3 Feb, Waldoboro Maine (14)
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Looking for Tony Sciola and Dan Gicker (2)
Ray Cooper (Chopper) Leicester 12 Feb (1)
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Could you write an anthem for YAA? (18)
The Music Well PermaThread (prev Radio Britfolk ) (8)
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My favourites on Youtube.. playlist (36)
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moderater:please delete spam posts (1) (closed)
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